1. Excusing mistreatment or dysfunctional behavior.

If there are staff on your team that exhibit mistreatment toward you and you are not willing to have a conversation about how their behavior affects you then you are accepting that behavior.

2. Blaming yourself for things that you do not have any control over.

You only have control over things that are within your circle of influence. You can take time to have a conversation with those people in your circle of influence but you cannot take responsibility for them.

3. Giving your power away to avoid being alone.

This can impact not only your personal life but your professional life and leadership ability. Doing this gives away your ability to bring yourself fully into your role and into your job.

Leadership in any capacity always begins with leading yourself first.

Do you see yourself in any one of the three things mentioned? I would love to assist you in helping to establish and uphold your values.

Creating a standard of values will aid you in moving from high performance to an extraordinary impact leader.