Reinvigorating Leadership

For A Changing Workforce


A Senior Leader (CCO) who excelled during a crisis period is now struggling to adapt to the evolving needs of the workforce. The CCO’s leadership style is hindering employee engagement, succession planning, and alignment with diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) goals. This has led to high attrition and stunted program growth.

Desired Outcomes

Invest in the CCO’s leadership development to:

  • Enhance leadership skills, particularly in inclusive leadership, motivation, and strategic thinking.
  • Foster a new, more positive leadership culture.
  • Equip the CCO to lead effectively at the organization’s current growth stage.


The program yielded significant positive outcomes:

• Enhanced Leadership: The COO demonstrated improved leadership skills in inclusive leadership, motivation, and strategic thinking. This translated into a more flexible and connected leadership style resonating better with the changing workforce.

• Elevated Employee Engagement: The COO’s leadership development fostered a more positive and engaging work environment. This increased employee satisfaction, reduced attrition, and a more committed workforce.

• Strengthened Succession Planning: By honing the COO’s leadership capabilities, the program positioned them as a stronger candidate for future leadership roles. This provided a more straightforward path for succession planning and leadership development across the company.

• Advanced DEI Alignment: The program equipped the COO with the tools and understanding to champion diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives better. This resulted in measurable progress towards DEI goals and a more inclusive company culture.

• Improved Program Growth: The COO’s enhanced leadership skills positively impacted program development and execution, leading to more effective program strategies and accelerated program growth.

Implemented Solutions

A 12-week Executive Coaching Program was implemented for the COO, encompassing:

• Initial Executive Sponsor Meeting: This meeting confirmed areas requiring development.

• Executive Coaching Sessions: Bi-weekly sessions (2 per month) focused on honing leadership skills were conducted.

• Enneagram Assessment: An Enneagram Assessment was administered to gain insights into the COO’s core motivations and underlying fears, allowing for a tailored development approach.

• Development Plan Creation: The coach and COO collaborated to establish a personalized development plan.

• Leadership Tools: The COO was granted access to 20 years of proven resources, such as reading materials, exercises, and visualizations.

• Monthly Competency Reports: Regular reports detailing the leadership competency addressed each month were submitted to HR.

• Final Evaluation: A joint assessment was conducted at the program’s conclusion to determine next steps, such as continued coaching or team development initiatives.

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