Overcoming Communication Challenges

and Business Partnership Challenges


  • Define vision for career based on values, purpose, and goals
  • Develop Leadership Brand both to influence and impact key stakeholders
  • Learn to develop team members
  • Define development path and plan
  • Measures of Success Increase connections scores and maintain consistently


  • (1) Strategy session
  • (12) sessions
  • 360 interviews (Conducted through a combination of interviews and online feedback)
  • Access to 20 years of proven leadership tools
  • Tailored development based on your defined development plan
  • (1) Sponsorship meeting- 45 minutes in length to ensure alignment and accountability


Roman is a Director in Finance at a global technology company. He has a proven track record of delivering results and has been dedicated to the organization for several years. However, Roman recognizes that there is an opportunity to improve his communication style and manage his image and exposure to senior leaders more effectively. He also wants to build a high-performing team but is challenged with developing a clear plan and strategy for hiring and developing the best talent. Satoshi’s intention is to tie it all together – gain the buy-in of stakeholders, continue to demonstrate precise results and develop his team. To achieve this, Roman and his organization decided to invest in executive coaching to solidify his vision and design a plan to implement a new approach within his team.

Steps Taken

Roman worked with his executive coach to reflect on his values, purpose, and long-term goals. He defined a compelling vision for his career that aligns with his values and establishes clear goals. He also developed his leadership brand, including his unique style, strengths, and communication approach. He focused on influencing and positively impacting critical stakeholders while also becoming the right leader for his team. He defined a clear development path and plan for himself and his team. He identifies areas for improvement and growth opportunities for himself and his team members and designs a strategic plan to address them.


  1. Roman has a well-defined vision for his career that aligns with his values and purpose. He has also taken concrete steps to implement this vision in his daily work, aligning his decisions with his goals and values.
  2. Roman’s leadership brand is evident in his communication style, interactions with key stakeholders, and overall impact on the organization. He has gained visibility and recognition as a leader who communicates effectively, influences others positively, and aligns his actions with his leadership brand.
  3. As Roman implements his team development plan, the team’s connections scores, which measure team dynamics and collaboration, remain consistent even with onboarding new team members.

The investment in executive coaching has been instrumental in solidifying Roman’s vision and creating a roadmap for success in his career and team development efforts.

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