Navigating The Next Chapter

A Case Study for a Director in Finance


  • Discover key motivations and fears
  • Define vision for career based on values, purpose, and goals.
  • Develop a vision for the “right” fit for your next opportunity.
  • Develop approach & strategy for networking.
  • Develop and implement full career strategy


  • Kick off strategy session
  • 12 sessions typically 2x per month)
  • Enneagram assessment
  • Leadership tools
  • Tailored strategy


John, a seasoned finance professional with a successful track record, has faced a career challenge. He has been considering new opportunities that align with his values and goals while allowing him to significantly impact the organization, its people, and the finance field. However, he has noticed that his opportunities have changed based on organizational changes, where he currently works as a Director in Finance. He is also mindful of his time frame for remaining in the workforce and maintaining a stable lifestyle for his family. John has started to feel the desire to move to a forward-facing finance role that is less dependent on back-office processes and procedures. He wants to tie it all together and discover the most fulfilling following opportunities that align with his values, purpose, and long-term career goals.


After working with Beth for a 12-month period, John achieved the following results.

  1. Gained a deeper understanding of his motivations and fears in relation to his career choices. This has enabled him to make more informed decisions and take calculated risks when exploring new opportunities.
  2. Has a clear and articulated career vision that aligns with his core values, purpose, and long-term goals. This vision serves as a guiding compass in his career decision-making process.
  3. Has developed a clear metric of the ideal next opportunity. He has specific criteria or goalposts in mind to evaluate potential opportunities and determine if they are the right fit for his longterm career vision.
  4. Has implemented a strategic networking approach and proactively reached out to relevant contacts. As a result, he has received positive responses for networking meetings or discussions, leading to several job offers in his target organizations or industries.
  5. Has developed and implemented a comprehensive career strategy that incorporates his vision, values, purpose, and goals. This strategy serves as a roadmap for his career decisions and actions, helping him to navigate the next chapter of his career with purpose and direction

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