Leadership Development

Developing High-Performing Sr. Leaders


  • Develop Sr. Leadership Skills: Alignment, Development of directs, influencing and impacting stakeholders.
  • Develop a clear development path for Sr. Leaders including talent assessment based on key leadership competencies.


  • Strategic Offsite to include 30-minute team sessions
  • Leadership strategy sessions
  • 3-hour Leadership Development session based on Organizational Health assessment and alignment through Leadership strategy
  • Tailored development plan for each Sr. Leader, based on your defined goals.


XYZ Corporation, a global organization, has been facing the challenge of continually supporting and developing their Sr. leaders to scale their portion of the business. This organization is in a high growth mode, creating a significant risk to its competitive advantage. In recent years XYZ Corp. has made limited investments in hiring and developing talent to a level that allows for continued leadership at scale. In the past 6 months, there has been a need to pivot in their leadership styles to become influential leaders of leaders while maintaining their role as servant leaders. The intention of XYZ Corporation is to invest in their Sr. leaders, develop their leadership skills, and put mechanisms in place to support the continued growth of their organizations. The desired outcome is to increase confidence and competence by fostering a highperforming leadership culture, creating mechanisms to scale their operations, and developing their own teams to increase both capacity and leadership skills.


XYZ Corporation’s efforts to develop its Sr. leaders have resulted in the following achievements:

  1. Increased Organizational Health: The organizational health assessment of XYZ Corporation has reflected increased engagement and alignment to strategic goals. This indicates that the leadership culture on the Sr. leadership teams has improved, and the teams are effectively working towards achieving the organization’s objectives.
  2. Flexible and Connected Leadership Styles: The leadership styles of Sr. leaders have become more flexible and connected to their people’s needs. Resulting in rapidly achieving goals, gaining trust, and developing competencies of direct reports.
  3. Influence and impact: leaders have gained the flexibility, situational awareness, and executive presence needed to influence their uplevel leader.
  4. Increased Confidence in Leadership Capabilities: The CFP (Chief Financial Officer) indicated they have seen demonstrated results and increased confidence in their leadership capabilities. This has been evident through improved business performance, increased employee engagement, and effective leadership practices.

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